John Lewis, Instructor/Leader
John Lewis, Masters in Jazz Pedagogy, University of Miami, is a full-time performing musician/guitarist/teacher, currently based in Fish Creek, WI. John has performed extensively, coast to coast and abroad, has appeared on the Oprah Show, at Presidential Inaugural Balls, and a number of iconic venues. He has published several compositions both as a songwriter and as a composer of contemporary instrumental music. Currently, John is performing with Guitarola, The Tom Fuller Band, Nine Worlds Ensemble and The Cherry Pickers. 


Workshop Content and Activities

  • Day 1 (Saturday) will be an interactive discussion relating to, but not necessarily limited to, lyric writing, rhyming schemes, song types, song forms, melody writing, chord structures, rhythm, general concepts and working titles. Several creative exercises will serve to provide a hands-on experience with some of these skills. Participants will work at times individually and at times in small groups with fellow writers (4 or 5 in each group).
  • Day 2 (Sunday) will be centered on the collaborative process of creating an original piece of music, with a song form, lyrics, melody and a title. A supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere of openness and spontaneity will be critical to the success of this undertaking. The opportunity to present the result of these creative efforts will be available at the end of the day, and again at an open mic forum that evening.

Who Can Participate
Adults who have at least an intermediate level of music knowledge and experience

Limited Space Available 
For full hands-on experience, this workshop is limited to 8 participants.


  • Cocktail party Meet & Greet, Friday, July 20th,  6-8 pm ET. 
  • Two-day workshop, Saturday and Sunday, July 21 - 22, 10am – 4pm ET 
  • Sunday evening performance for those who wish to perform at an Open Mic setting 

Workshop $350/person (cocktail party and lunches included) 

The workshop will be held at the Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI.